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Myth & Legend Emote Bundle is inspired by ancient tales and features 8 static, hand-painted emotes for content creators wanting something a little different for their branding!

Bundle includes

╰┈➤ mighty (although a tad confused) Anubis,

╰┈➤ sus Strix,

╰┈➤ blazing happy Phoenix,

╰┈➤ bongo Sphinx (my personal favorite, just look at that squishy face!),

╰┈➤ raging Minotaur,

╰┈➤ joyful Spirit Fox,

╰┈➤ scared Kraken,

╰┈➤ and Unicorn that simply says "NEIGH" (or nay, but he likes to disagree).


  • I've got you covered with both outline and no-outline versions, so you can choose the style that fits your gaming persona.
  • Emotes are available in 250, 200, 112, 64, 56, 32, 28 pixels versions, so mix and match whatever you need!
  • Made by a professional fantasy illustrator.
  • For use with social services such as Twitch and Discord, not for reselling or composite designs.

Want more?

If you're interested in your own unique emotes, you can commission the artist via

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No refunds, returns or exchanges

As digital product there's no way to prove the deletion of the files in order to revoke the license. You can contact the seller about any issue with an order.

Last updated Jun 11, 2023

8 static, hand-painted emotes with variants in multiple sizes

from 250 to 28px
3.54 MB

Myth & Legend: Emotes Bundle - Twitch Discord

0 ratings
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